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Congratulations to the finalist and winners of the Ingredients for Success Initiative! The program this is a highly competitive, with three awardees chosen from a pool of thousands of applicants year over year!

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IFS Results

Marcus Bullock

CEO of Flikshop
Marcus Bullock knew that he needed to figure out a way to leverage this love to help end recidivism around the globe. He created Flikshop, a platform that allows you to stay connected with your incarcerated loved one with no subscriptions and no hidden fees.

Carmen Thomas

CEO of Prosperity Market
Carmen Thomas is a co-founder Prosperity Market is a farmers market on wheels and a food truck in one, featuring black farmers, food producers, and chefs. We travel throughout LA, conveniently bringing a curated farmers market experience to you.

David Price

CEO of The Safety Pouch
David Price is the founder of The Safety Pouch is a removable document holder that stores and presents essential driving credentials needed for traffic stops to eliminate active reaching and movement within the vehicle in front of law enforcement.

Ian Grant

CEO of Umoja Fine Arts
Ian Grant is the founder of Umoja Fine Arts is an art publishing and distributing company that specializes in locally and internationally acclaimed art. Umoja was founded by Ian Grant, an art curator and expert of almost 40 years.

Tammeca Rochester

CEO of Harlem Cycle
Tammeca Rochester is the founder of Harlem Cycle, a community focused fitness studio teaching more than 3000+ Cardio focused classes a year. Annually they host the Cardio Glamping Retreat and the Harlem Cycle “Good to Great” instructor training program.

Tara Darnley

CEO of Peculiar Roots
Tara Darnley is the founder of Peculiar Roots, a clean beauty brand offering build-up free products for locs and natural hair. The brand was inspired not only by their cultural and ethnic roots tying back to Jamaica and Guyana, but the duo has had locs for over a decade.

D'seante Parks

CEO of 1000 MORE
D'seante Parks' solution for inefficiencies in the political market and is creating 1000 MORE. 1000 MORE is a civic empowerment app that allows Americans to disrupt the big lobby by removing barriers to civic engagement for communities who have traditionally been disenfranchised.

MeLisa Heath

CEO of MeLisa Chanele
MeLisa Heath is the founding owner of MeLisa Chanele LLC., a talent management and marketing agency revolutionizing and refining the creative management experience, primarily for Black artists.

Brittany Rhodes

CEO of Black Girl MATHgic
Created by Brittany Rhodes, the Black Girl MATHgic™ (BGM) Box is the first and only monthly subscription box curated to increase math confidence and decrease math anxiety in girls on a 3rd-8th grade math skill level.

Nancey Harris & Tracy V. Greene

Co-founders of Vontélle
Nancey Harris is a Co-founder of Vontélle, a platform founded to satisfy the demand for better-fitting vibrant, luxury eyewear designed and handcrafted to pay homage to the African, Caribbean and Latin diaspora. These designs are tailored to empower humanity to see the world through a cultural and global lens.

Staci Childs

CEO of Sunnyside Legal Clinic
Sunnyside Legal provides exceptional legal services to folks in Sunnyside and the greater Houston area at affordable rates. In what Wikipedia describes as the poorest neighborhood in Houston, Sunnyside is a place where children are beautiful; families stick together, and people strive to thrive.

Alexis Howard

CEO of Etta Grove Footwear
Etta Grove is a start-up private label brand offering fashionable, feel-good footwear in women’s sizes 7 to 14 and cute handbags too. As a woman whose shoe size has ranged anywhere from 10 to 14 most of my life, I know there is a gap in the women's footwear market for extended sizes.

Rashika Robinson

CEO of Black Book Houston
Black Book Houston is Houston's Largest Directory of Underserved Businesses. Our platform hosts over 1,000 Minority Businesses with over 100 categories to choose from, and provides them with a variety of advertising in our physical and online directory, social media platforms, and website.

Henry Dickerson

CEO of Straw and Wool LLC
We started our business in March of 2020 because we love the way people feel when they put on the right hat and we want everyone to have that experience at least once in their life. We want quality hats to be affordable and accessible to everyone and we found that wasn't the case in Phoenix.

Marla Louissaint

CEO of Claim Our Space Now
Claim Our Space Now, Inc is a Black Queer and Immigrant led 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Washington Heights, New York that has been dubbed the Swiss Army knife of activism, building and mobilizing power in Black and oppressed communities.

Demetric Sanders

CEO of Empathy Labs
Ambition is a mobile learning platform where teens take skill-building courses that are sponsored by funders. Youth development funders, like donors and foundations, are our customers. They get to impact youth at low costs and with full transparency.

Aaron Woods

CEO of Podpals
I founded Podpal in 2018 while helping my wife Tania manage her first podcast. It started with a simple Kanban board on our bedroom wall in Seattle, but quickly became the spark for a SaaS software idea that I couldn’t help but explore. We’ve been growing at an average of 37% for the past 2 months.

LaToya Stirrup

In 2019 we set out on a mission to help our customers transform their hair care experience by turning pain points into opportunities for self-care. Our vision is brought to life through product design, content creation, and community alignment.

Detara Darnley

CEO of 1000 IDEA
IDEA® is our signature Entrepreneur-led small business accelerator that fosters the development of entrepreneurs in underserved communities globally through the educational experience of developing a product from idea concept to profitable launch.

Elizabeth Abunaw

CEO of Forty Acres Fresh Market
Forty Acres Fresh Market is a Black woman-owned social impact grocer that increases fresh food access, nutrition education, and quality jobs in underserved Chicago neighborhoods. We launched in January of 2018 with our first one day pop up market.

Steffanie Rivers

CEO of TCB Drones
Steffanie is a FAA-certified drone pilot, and the first Black woman to own a drone technology company in Texas. One of her objectives is to expose Black and Brown students to drone career opportunities and to teach the next generation of drone pilots what it takes to become successful in the STEM industry.

Londyn Jackson

CEO of The Language Arc
The Language Arc is an esteemed pediatric learning and wellness center dedicated to transforming the lives of children through specialized speech and language therapy. With a strong emphasis on community collaboration, our center actively partners with schools, families and communities to cultivate inclusive and nurturing environments.

Emir Horton

CEO of Eartha by Emir
Eartha by Emir is a distinguished e-commerce luxury watch company driven by a mission to ignite generations to both feel and look good at maximizing their time. With a strong emphasis on community and creating a meaningful impact, the company's core values revolve around fostering a well-lived life.

Charmeyce Buck

CEO of Ignite Diagnostic Solutions
Ignite Diagnostic Solutions (IDS) is a woman and minority-owned, analytical testing laboratory that provides dependable scientific services to businesses, and corporations. We ensure products are safe for human consumption. Food is essential to everyday life.

Constance Brooks

CEO of Image Merchandise
Introducing Image Merchandise, a business dedicated to providing exceptional products that make a difference. Among our diverse range, one product stands out as our top seller: Cozie Fabric Softener Sheets.

Ida Byrd-Hill

CEO of Automation Workz
Automation Workz assists front-liners acquire ‘Skills to Pay the Bills’, powered by our tech grit assessment to discover, predict, motivate and coach them through tech certification training in network engineering, cybersecurity, data analytics and soon battery technology.

Brittany Tillman

CEO of Health Neurotics, LLC
Brittany healed herself of diabetes with a transformational change in diet and exercise. That love for healing and health science grew into Health Neurotics Health Neurotics, a vegan food and beverage company specializing as a licensed tea manufacturer sourcing natural, alkaline, and indigenous ingredients for our craft products.

Morris Wray

CEO of Fourth Option
Fourth Option is here to provide a solution to a problem that has yet to be addressed by anyone. We’re committed to disrupting the eating utensil landscape and fostering a germ-free mindset. Fourth Option will strive to get our utensils into households and restaurants globally so we can contribute to the reduction of germs worldwide

Marli Crowe

CEO of C. Suite
As Marli navigated corporate America, she noticed the distinct lack of diversity. Driven by this observation, she embarked on a mission to empower diverse professionals to land the job and look the part. In 2019 she founded C. Suite, a full-service career development company.

Rejoice Jones

CEO of Vower
Vower's mission is to eliminate the skills and labor gap by ensuring underserved, early entry workers can easily obtain and deploy the skills needed for the future of work.   With over 3,500 users, our Northstar is democratize the early-entry hiring marketplace.
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