Interim Director Rodin Center for Social Justice Coach

Since 2004 Earl has been primarily living in Accra, Ghana West Africa and primarily focuses on Project Funding, Affordable Housing & Community Development, Solar Energy Technology and Special Project Cultivation and Activation across business disciplines.

He partners with financial institutions, marketing and licensing companies and multimedia companies. He has worked with Latin American, African and Caribbean businesses and governments to leverage technology for development, improved service delivery and profitability. Lastly, he is working with US based companies in entertainment, sports licensing and marketing. Earl has a BA (Marketing) from Morehouse College, a JD from Washington University School of Law, and a LLM from Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

Also since the year 2018 he is an Adjunct Professor and been an expert in: Business Skills for New Lawyers. This 2-day intensive course examines the evolution of law from “Practicing Law” in the past to “Providing Legal Services” in the 21st Century. The course also discusses skills needed for being a 21st Century lawyer and examines the current job and employment landscape.

Business Skills in Sports and Entertainment Law. This semester course uses current trends, current business practices and the experience of current practitioners in the Sports & Entertainment Industry to introduce, examine and understand Business Skills which are necessary for success in these fields. The use of past deals, structures and documentation from current practitioners gives insight, strategy and the thought process of the facets and nuances to complete Sports and Entertainment transactions.

He also participate in the The Different STEM Conference. The annual Sports, Technology, Entertainment & Media (STEM) Conference is a forum for students, practitioners, experts and those interested in the diverse information the STEM fields provide for networking, collaboration and meaningful exchange created and operated by Professor Caldwell. He is also a professional Coach: Sports Law Negotiation Team. The Sports Law Negotiation Competition is an annual event that simulates a contract negotiation between a sports team and an athlete. Professor Caldwell coaches and guides the students as they navigate sports contract issues and prepare for the competition.

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