Progress Report October 12, 2017

1. All Aboard for Cuba!  Join us for the FIHAV Trade Show, the largest in the Caribbean! October 30-November 4. We will be travelling under OFAC rule as “Professional meetings and Research”. You can easily fly to Havana on most airlines. We will have time to enjoy the food and the cigars. And in the evening, you will have free time to explore. Go here: to register.

2.  How Debris Removal after Hurricanes works:  Many of us jump up to get into the debris removal action after a hurricane has come and gone.  That is too late!  Most of these contracts are “mega” in size and are let out almost a year in advance to companies like Crowder Mississippi – and the Shaw Group out of Baton Rouge.  For Irma and Harvey, Crowder was contracted for $15.00 per ton.  2nd and 3rd tier subs were getting between $6.00 - $11.00 if anything at all.  You need to start developing these relationships now and make sure any agreement is locked tight via contractual arrangements.  It takes planning, readiness, and smart risk assessment.  Register with the “Big Boys” and get on their teams as they plan the deals with FEMA.  It is the same process for earthquakes.

3.  FEMA Private Sector Advisory:  Coordinated federal support is continuing for U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

4.  New Study on Natural Gas Exports:  Jobs, jobs, and more jobs!

5.  Atlanta signs Marijuana Legislation:  This will be a “game changer” in law and order. Party!!!!

6.  Obama Presidential Library:  They refuse to put community benefits commitment in writing.  That is a very, very, bad sign!

7.  FEMA is seeking Applicants to join Hurricane Recovery Team:  Consider signing up!

8.  The Loneliness of being Black in San Francisco:  Gentrification on steroids!!!

9.  Reflecting on the Horrors of the Vietnam War:  My sad journey.