Progress Report October 6, 2017

1. New Jersey DOT is Open for Business:  This state is expanding its DBE program.

2.  Governor Rauner pops in on the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce Mixer:  A special and unannounced guest visits a chamber event.

3.  The Right to Manufacture in America Act:  NBCC member proposes legislation that will increase our free enterprise activity.  What do you think?

4.  Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba:  Our neighbor to the South responds to the controversy of “sonic attacks” against our diplomates located in Cuba.  Who is doing it?

5.  Durban Chamber of Commerce “in crisis”:  While visiting South Africa here is one stop to avoid until further notice.

6.  FCC to the Rescue:  Our Federal Communications Commission passes order to restore and repair communication networks in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands damaged by Hurricane Maria.

7.  Free Range Hogs – What a Concept:  Ed Mitchell’s legendary BBQ goes nationwide.  Give the brother a try.

8.  FEMA Deadline:  Public assistance requests concerning the damage from Hurricane Irma is drawing to a close.  Act now!

9.  Daily Call - In for Maria Updates:  Every day at 3:00PM EDT you can participate in a call-in concerning the latest news on the Hurricane Maria clean up.  Teleconference number:  800-324-5531   PIN:  798364 Operations Dashboard:

10.  Going back to Cuba for Real Deals:  Looking to expand your business? Join us as we travel to Havana for the FIHAV Trade Show. We will travel under the category of Professional Meetings and Research, legal under OFAC rules. There are 15 slots open. The Trade Show is October 30 – November 3. Make your flight reservation on any American airline. For more information:

11.  Bon Voyage Chuck:  Next week, Charles DeBow, Senior VP Special Projects, will be meeting in Cali, Columbia for a thorough briefing on our new project with the Colombia Afro American Chamber of Commerce sponsored by USAID.  He will report to the federation upon his return.

12.  Here Comes Nate:  This weekend Hurricane Nate will visit the Gulf following the same path as Dirty Katrina.  Let us pray for NOLA!