Progress Report June 30, 2017

1. You have less than 3 Hours:  At 3:00PM EDT today the discount rate for our designated hotel will end.  If you are coming to our 25th Annual Conference sign up for the group rate now! Who do you want to meet at our Business MatchMaker? Tell us and we will invite them. Register for conference here.

2.  Doing Business with the Dept. of Homeland Security:  Here are some tips on how to do business with the Department of Homeland Security. Here and Here.  We thank the OSDBU office for this vital information.

3.  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau gets Proactive:  The CFPB will amend Section 1071 of the Dodd - Frank Act.  Previously Regulation B of the banking act prohibited the record keeping of minority loan applications.  This was a flaw in the implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  It would hide any discrimination rather than promote equal opportunity.  Now we can find out just who is creating disparities in their lending practice.   Great news!

4.  Casting Call for Black Entrepreneurs:  A new television production will be focusing on the lives of Black entrepreneurs.  Any Black business owners who want to try out for the casting should make contact immediately.   Register here.

5.  Feeding Namibia to China:  The Export - Import Bank of China is targeting the African nation of Namibia for importation of China owned businesses.  So far over 100,000 small business owners from China have settled into the nation to begin manufacturing of goods and services to export back to China.  This seems to be a form of colonization.  Where is our Export - Import Bank?

6.  An Attempt to raise our Air Fares:  We are sounding the "alarm".  There are forces trying to quietly apply new higher air fares via taxation.  We should all voice our objections. Let's do it now! 

7.  The Strength of the "Wolves" is in the Pack: Here is a fine example of working with other local chambers within your marketing area.  Congratulations to NBCC Board Member Courtney Reynolds for leading the way via the Greater Southwest Louisiana Black Chamber of Commerce.

8.  Another Great Program from Florida:  We congratulate NBCC Board Member Tarnisha Cliatt for coming up with the "Young Black Professionals" program under the management of the Manasota Black Chamber of Commerce.  Let's tutor our youth into entrepreneurship.

9.  Bye, Bye, Bye WOTUS:  The EPA is delaying implementation of the Waters of the US rule which would threaten any business or citizen whose land is near water with mountains of regulation and fees.  They are open for comment which could bring death to this  heinous idea.

10.  Here is my Latest Article:  My latest article which appears in Black owned publications throughout the nation is about when the Obama White House moved to kill the NBCC. They tried but still we stand!   This is Part I.  A new part will appear weekly.

11.  Article on Net Neutrality:  Here is my article concerning Net Neutrality and Title II of the Telecommunication Act.