Progress Report April 5, 2017

HOT NEWS!!! Yesterday, we started a soft launch of our new website. Go to and check it out. By the way, the building on the new home page is the new National Museum of African American History & Culture. Two of the prime contractors for this $600 million project are members of the NBCC. All three architects are Black owned firms. This isn’t a coincidence. We thank Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) for doing the “heavy lifting” to make this a reality.

1. Words will be heard Around the World: On May 11, 2017, NBCC President/CEO will address the United Nations Committee on Micro, Small, Medium and Start Up businesses. It will be webcast around the world.

2. Addressing Underserved Communities: Senators Tim Scott and Corey Booker team up on new bill to provide real cash into distressed areas. Let’s support it.

3. Village Capital and a Trip to Accra, Ghana: $15,000 for your business in West Africa is on the line. Read details and compete for it.

4. Border Adjustment Tax: We support this as it will strengthen our dollar and level the playing field for free and fair trade.

5. Tax Reform Blueprint: This will help boost African American job growth and opportunity.

6. The Internet remains Free: Trump signed the legislation repealing the Privacy Rule with little fanfare Monday evening, in contrast to other major executive actions he has taken in the Oval Office. The move prohibits the FCC from passing similar privacy regulations in the future. And it paves the way for Internet providers to compete in the $83-billion market for digital advertising.

7. No to Carbon Tax! Yesterday, President Trump said he is not considering a new Carbon Tax. This is a very good thing! There are enough taxes already in the price of a gallon of gasoline. For the last five years this idea keeps popping up. We will stay on the vanguard to ensure it never becomes a reality.

8. Sign up Today for our Havana Trip! Time is getting short. We have many things planned for our trip to Havana. Now, that many American airlines (Jet Blue, Southwest, Delta, American, United, etc.) are flying into Havana, travelling is very simple. On Delta, you can fly directly from Atlanta to Havana, nonstop. On the other airlines, you can fly to Fort Lauderdale or Miami easily. The airline provides your visa and your Cuban mandated health insurance. No more long lines, no more arbitrary fees. On Southwest Airlines, bags fly free! You will be in Havana in just a few short hours, change your US dollars for CUC pesos at the airport and you are on your way. Stay in a hotel or in an or other Cuban government sanctioned abode. Private home rentals can be found for $45 per night or less. Meet the Cuban people, see how they live, work and play. Joins us April 26 – 30. Contact Charles for additional information. Deadline to register for briefing at the residence of US Ambassador to Cuba is April 14.