Progress Report February 23, 2017

1. A Blast in Columbus with Facebook:  Our Facebook Boost Your Business seminar in Charleston, SC was fantastic.  Last Tuesday’s seminar in Columbus, OH was fantastic on steroids.  300+ attendees and a stunning motivational speech by Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, an entrepreneur in her own right, did not disappoint.  Thanks to all who attended.  We are so proud to be the 2017 National Partner with Facebook.   We also interviewed Congresswoman Beatty.

2.  EPA is Changing Already:  Newly confirmed EPA Secretary Pruitt is wasting no time.  The old EPA trick known as “Sue and Settle” has been eliminated.  This sleazy practice at last is ending.  It has cost American businesses billions of dollars and has significantly increased energy costs to our citizens. See:

3.  Our Return to Cuba:  We have formed the Cuban Steering Committee.  This committee will drive and track our vision of being ready once the embargo ends.  There is so much opportunity; just waiting for that happy day to come.  Our next trip will be during April 26 – 29, 2017. We are organizing some serious sessions such as one with our US Ambassador to Cuba.   Stand by for formal announcement.  In the meantime, consult with our coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4.  Colombia Trade Mission:  Chuck DeBow and our Colombian representatives are putting together a dynamic Trade Mission to take place sometime in Mid-May.  Subjects will include opportunities with six seaports plus a new one to be built; our assignment of agriculture development on 200,000 acres of rich land; collaboration with two universities; implementation of eight MOU’s, consulting agreements and other ready to be done opportunities.  The United States is 32% Black and Colombia is 38% Black – we have a lot to discuss.

5.  Louisiana is Soaring:  Here is a recent article I wrote for publication with National Newspapers and Publishers Association (NNPA) members.

6.  Beware of the Trap called Corruption:  The moment you see it, report it.  It is out there and is always a threat to small business, especially Black business.  Here is a typical story about what happens in many of our cities.  Atlanta is no exception.