Progress Report February 16, 2017

1. Victory in Florida:  Mosaic Phosphate won its permit to expand their facility in Manatee County, Florida.  That means JOBS, JOBS, AND JOBS for the local area.  That also means small business contracts, construction contracts et al for the surrounding area.  Our local chapter, Manatee County Black Chamber of Commerce is applauded for their diligent work on this issue.

2.  Senator Flake takes on Project Labor Agreements:  Applying PLA’s to certain federal construction contracts was authorized by President Obama.  It was his first Executive Order which is puzzling because it authorizes discrimination.  In effect, it discriminates against minorities and women as all the hiring would be union only – construction unions discriminate.  Your organization is invited to join the fight.

3.  State Sponsored Savings Arrangement:  The Department of Labor’s “Safe Harbor” savings arrangement must be removed.  Join us in the fight.

4.  Facebook to Host Free Workshop in Columbus, Ohio:  Our workshop in Charleston, SC this week was a total success.  Over 300 small business owners attended.  We certainly enjoyed the participation of Senator Tim Scott.  On Tuesday, February 21, we will be in Columbus, OH doing the same thing.  Consider joining us and our National Partner - Facebook.  We appreciated the help of the African American Chamber of Commerce of South Carolina and look forward in doing the same with our Ohio State Black Chamber of Commerce.

5.  USDOT experiments with Separate Goals:  We applaud our chapter – San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce for convincing the Department of Transportation to do a test in monitoring minority and female participation via separate goals.  This will be the beginning of equal opportunity for minority groups.

6.  Gigantic Sale of Drilling Rights on Federal Land:  This will increase our energy reserves significantly further.

7.   U.S. Chamber Leads Push for Regulatory Reform Bill:  Join us in this fight.

8.  There can only be One:  Last week a local business magazine did an article on a group of people calling themselves the Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce.  Was this a sick joke or something?  There is only one Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce and that belongs to the honorable Timothy Adams – per the State of Maryland Office of Corporations.  Tim incorporated the name and has rights to the intellectual property of such.  His lawyer is handling the sham in a very litigious way.  This is a serious matter and we will support Tim 100%.  God does not like ugly!