Progress Report February, 8 2017

1. National Partnership:   The NBCC and Facebook have formed a partnership throughout 2017.  Our first event will be in Charleston, South Carolina February 13 and the second event will be held in Columbus, Ohio February 21.  Special guests will be Senator Tim Scott in Charleston and Congresswoman Joyce Beatty will be in Columbus.  Register now and we look forward to meeting you.

2.  Another Successful Cuba Trip:  Our trip to Cuba last week was nearly perfect.  It was so good that we will plan another trip sometime in April.  For those interested in our next trip please contact Kay DeBow at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3.  Trouble in Manatee:  The people of Manatee, County (Florida) are having a crisis that was caused by the Clinton Global Initiative.  We and our chapter, Manatee County Black Chamber of Commerce are doing our best to turn this challenge around.

4.  U.S. Chamber leads Push for Regulatory Reform Bill:  Kudos to Bill Kovacs and his crew for organizing the business community to encourage the Senate to pass the Regulatory Accountability Act.

5.  Health Care Marketplace for Small Business:  We need this in the worst kind of way.

6.  Pipeline is Approved!  We thank the Trump Administration for approving the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  More jobs for the great USA.

7.  Breakthrough at USDOT:  After thirty years of combining DBE goals for all minorities and women which devastated business for African American firms, the U.S. Department of Transportation is doing a test in California.  They now have separate goals for African American firms and women firms.  There is no doubt that this will prove successful and then we can apply it nationally.

8.  Political Connections, Incentives, and Innovation:  The subtle “pay for play” in our contracting activity.

9.  Thought Provoking:  One way the new administration can fuel American Entrepreneurship by Harry C. Alford III.