Progress Report December 14, 2016

1. Cuba on our Mind:  I recently wrote a eulogy on Fidel Castro and predicted a bright future for his country - Cuba.  It received wide attention.  Here is what one of the readers shared with me.  Shall we go back to Cuba soon?  Let us know if you have interest in going with us in early February.  Fly down, spend three days of professional meetings and research, and return tan and happy (stay longer if you want).  Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.  Want to join the Trump Team?  We are getting many calls from people asking how they can join the upcoming Trump Administration. You start here. Fill out this application.  If you are a NBCC member contact me, email above, (and we will send in a reference.)

3.  Family Business Casting Call:  There is an upcoming television project featuring family owned businesses.  The producers have asked us to give a "shout out" to all of you about this opportunity.  You, a star? Check it out! 

4.  Remember Contract Bundling? It's coming back!  Contract Bundling is when a federal agency makes a procurement so large that only billion dollar companies can bid on them.  We got rid of this at the beginning of this century.  Presently, lobbyists and others are going to make a run at this.  Please join the bi-partisan effort of the House Small Business Committee and fight against this.  This is no time to return to a very bad practice.

5.  Thanks for your Annual Dues:  We thank those of you who have forwarded your annual dues.  At the same time, we want to remind those of you who haven't.  Please pull out your credit card or check book and become financial with the organization that loves you. Membership dues are tax deductible. Give to the NBCC here. Join the NBCC here. Your contribution is tax deductible.

6.  French Building Initiative:  This is starting to take form by way of two mega projects featuring an Interstate Freeway and a high-speed rail projects.  NBCC members stay tuned as more details and projects evolve.  Trump people are expecting serious diversity and that is a great thing.  France gets it!