Success In Havana, Cuba

Dear Charles:

It was a pleasure to meet you here in Havana. Now you have more clarity about what to do for start business with Cuba. Feel free of contacting us for any further information.

All the best,

Msc. Warnel Lores Mora

Primer Secretario

Dirección General de Estados Unidos

 J´ Dpto. Asuntos Políticos y Económicos 


To all who have helped so much to create this new beginning:

Thank you all for your warm and gracious hospitality of the National Black Chamber of Commerce delegation for the 2017 FIHAV.  We have a clearer understanding of how we can work with you to form a strong partnership for mutual benefits. We heard a very consistent message throughout our meetings.  We are immediately beginning on the review of the projects of investment opportunity.  I will be engaging each of the topics discussed in the scheduled meetings.

We welcome any additional information to focus our outreach and advocacy.  Tentatively, we are looking at early next year to have a follow up meeting with an agenda focused for businesses with identified projects.

In a simple and concise summary:

-          We will execute a MOU with the Chamber

-          Identify activity in the scope of permissible commerce

-          Make introductions of our partners and associates in Latin America and Africa

-          Work to conceive a mature plan of advocacy

We will continue to address the point of contact between the embassy here, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with interaction as guided by the scheduled meetings.

Our success will be based on the continued guidance you provide.

My greatest conclusion is that there is much for us to learn and consequently convey to our constituency.  We are quick learners and adapters.

Thank you again for the opportunity to better serve all people for the betterment of mankind.

Best regards,

Charles H. DeBow, III

Vice President Programs

National Black Chamber of Commerce®

4400 Jenifer Street, NW Suite 331

Washington, DC 20015

(202) 466-4788