No Community Benefits Agreement but a diversity consultant might do

No Community Benefits Agreement but a diversity consultant might do

In Response


It is Déjà vu all over again!  (Link above)

The fix is in!  They won’t sign an agreement because that will make them liable for what they are planning to do.  This will be a Project Labor Agreement (Union contractors only) and that will yield no more than 2% Black participation in a city that approaches 50% Black population.  Can’t they see the Jim Crow process being set up?

This is the very thing that caused the NBCC to fall out with the Obama Administration.  Our contracts and lending fell below 2% and the CBC and others just smiled simply because it was a Black president doing it to us.  For years Chicago has been suckered.  They hire the Urban League to monitor projects and they claim everything is all right as Black unemployment rises to disgraceful proportions and the murder rate heads to the “moon”.  

Do a census on all union construction shops.  You will find that it will be impossible to meet any decent employment or contractual goals.  Blacks are not in these unions!! They run phony apprenticeship programs that result in nothing.  They were started by Art Fletcher in 1972 and still there is no progress.  The game is rigged!!!

It will be a shame that we might have to have a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against the first Black presidential library.  Remember the Dan Ryan?  This will not be any different.

Feel free to quote me as God is my witness.