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Beyond The Rhetoric

A Recipe for the Next African Genocide

First there is Ethiopia.  This nation which is second only to Nigeria in African population is land locked.  This frustrates its economic growth as its exports leave the nation mostly via air which is extremely expensive or via road which is very dangerous and unreliable.  Ethiopia wants a seaport and has fought its neighbor Eritrea throughout the decades trying to seize the beautiful seaport capital of Asmara.  The Eritreans have proven themselves to be fierce fighters and have resisted every attempt with the last conflict ending in 2000.  Lately, Ethiopia has turned its attention to war torn Somalia which has a very attractive and extensive coast line on the Horn of Africa viewing sea lanes to and from the Red Sea and Indian Ocean.

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Federal Procurement System has gone Wild

The Federal Acquisition Regulation, the FAR, is the “bible” for federal procurement practices.  It is how you do business with agencies and departments of the federal government.  Since the advent of contract bundling you can forget about the FAR.  It has been twisted and turned and has become very much ineffective.  Big business is doing what it wants to do and the federal agencies are, more or less, saying “Yessa Boss”.  We now have a virtual coup in the procurement practices of the United States Government.  Big business, particularly the Military Industrial Complex, is running the operation.

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Consider Expanding Your Business to New Orleans

It seems like a decade but it has only been 13 months since the major disaster known as Hurricane Katrina and the failed rescue thereafter.  The City of New Orleans looked like a bombed out German city after World War II.  But it wasn’t a piece of history or a victim of a world war.  It was an American city that experienced the biggest administrative blunder and mismanagement in the history of this great nation.  Decades of malfeasance in the levee system and a new Homeland Security Agency that was pitiful.

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The Draft Proposal Maybe Worse than it Sounds

Oh how I remember The Draft.  It was that law that rounded up many of my friends and relatives and took them off to fight for the Military Industrial Complex.  Many came back in coffins while others came back with physical and mental scars that would haunt them and their loved ones for a lifetime.  The Draft was racist and totally unfair.  Those with money and connections could finesse around it.  The disadvantaged were easy prey for a system hell bent on power at any cost (someone else’s cost).

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Prince Georges County, MD

There is certainly a correlation between race and economics when it comes to communities within the United States.  A moderate working class white community will change into an upper middle class Black community.  It will be prestigious for a while and then it will be targeted by bad policy and over the years erosion starts to sit in and then crime invades its core.  The crime gets so bad that property values start declining and the quality of life becomes pitiful.  In a few decades you have what is known as a “golden ghetto”.  The final act is drug infestation. Why does this happen?

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